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 Ps3 Jailbreaking Hack It To Really Own It

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PostSubject: Ps3 Jailbreaking Hack It To Really Own It   Ps3 Jailbreaking Hack It To Really Own It I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 13, 2011 4:44 pm

PS3 jailbreaking is needed to play illegal games on the console. It makes having a ps3 more affordable as you don抰 need to buy games. But there are some disadvantages as well. Many people still prefer buying games for ethical as well as some practical reasons. But lots more prefer jailbreaking.so here抯 the long and short of it.
To jailbreak a PS3 you need an usb dongle, a modchip named PS Jailbreak. It抯 a plug and play solution. It would allow unauthorized softwares and backup to run in the ps3.and since it is an usb, it won抰 break your warranty.
It is a really easy task to reinstall a PS3 Jailbreak and there is also a GUI which will guide you on every step. The USB modchip that is required for the same is known to be compatible with any version of firmware and will allow you PlayStation III console to run all the games as if it is a debugging console.
You can also use some versions of the PS3 Jailbreaking add-on to store games on any internal and even external storage devices such as hard drives and pen-drives.
The following will be required for PS3 Jailbreaking:
i. Any PS3 console that runs on a FAT system with a firmware version that is at least 3.41 or above.
ii. A PlayStation III Jailbreaking modchip
iii. Any formatted external USB drive that runs on a FAT32 system and contains the 揃ackup Manager File(s)?br />
iv. Also, you will require the original disc of the PS3 game that you wish to back-up on the drive.
Here are the 7 simple stems that you will need to do for PS3 Jailbreaking:
1. Turn off your PlayStation and make sure that there are no discs left in the Blu-Ray drive of your console.
2. Use any of the USB ports to insert the PS3 Jailbreaking modchip. Power on the console and press the eject button immediately. You will see two LED lights turned on at this point of time as your USB loads up.
- The green light means that the modchip loaded successfully while the red means it did not load properly and you may have to repeat the process.
3. One the boot up process is finished,plug in the external hard disk drive or pen drive that contains the 揃ackup Manager.?br />
4. Navigate to the 揋ame Menu?on your console and select the 揑nstall Package Files option.?After that, the 揗anager.pkg?file should be selected as this will enable you to install the 揃ackup Manager?file.
5. Select the last option from the game menu which will be the 揃ackup Manager?br />
6. Insert the game disc that you wish to backup into the Blu Ray drive of your PS3 and press the 揙?button on your keypad. Select between the internal and external HDD option for storing all the files from the disc.
7. Once the backup has been completed, you can run the game from the backup Manager option after inserting anyone original game in the console and then pressing the 揦?button. This will take you back to the games menu from where you can play easily!
Viola! Your PS3 Jailbreaking has been completed!

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Ps3 Jailbreaking Hack It To Really Own It
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