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 Memory Cards Are Being Increasingly Replaced By The Use Of Usb Memory Sticks By Domestic Users.

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PostSubject: Memory Cards Are Being Increasingly Replaced By The Use Of Usb Memory Sticks By Domestic Users.   Thu Nov 10, 2011 4:16 pm

Domestic users are increasingly relying on their USB Memory Sticks to store portable data in preference to using Memory Cards and CD Rom's. This trend is not likely to lose impetus any time soon as more and more users cotton onto the benefits of using USB Memory Sticks over and above other options. The shift in usage from more conventional digital media storage devices is not so evident in the workplace, with USB Memory Sticks being used as ancillary devices rather than the primary means of storing portable data.

There are a number of reasons that have led to the USB Memory Stick revolution in the domestic digital media storage market with cost competitiveness being the primary motivation. Entry level Memory Sticks are considerably cheaper than most Memory Cards making them the more affordable option for users that attribute a greater level of importance to the economy of use as opposed to functionality. As this grouping forms a considerable share of the market, this accounts for a significant rise in demand. This coupled with the fact that the capacity of USB Memory Sticks has increased substantially since they were first introduced to the market, making them a much more versatile, means that current trends are set to continue for some time to come.

Ease of use is also an important factor influencing the popularity of USB Memory Sticks. These devices are externally attached and instantly recognised by computer systems allowing almost seamless data transferral from one system to another. Handling more conventional types of media, such as PC Memory Cards, can be a little more tricky as they need to be physically inserted into the internal mechanism of the machine. But it is not only PC Cards that have fallen victim to the popularity of Memory Cards, CD Rom's are also being increasingly replaced by the use of USB Memory Sticks by domestic users. Again, ease of use is a dominating factor. Not only is it possible to load a lot more data onto a USB Memory Stick when compared to a CD Rom, but a USB Memory Stick can be much more easily slipped into a pocket or handbag than the more bulky CD. The integrity of the data is also simpler to preserve. USB Memory Sticks have their own integral protective casing, whereas CD's are prone to damage unless placed in a case. This amounts to more faffing around, and is essentially a bulk increasing exercise!

CD Rom's remain the more cost effective option for short-term portable data storage, but they lack the robust endurance of USB Memory Sticks. This final factor ensures that USB Memory Sticks provide users with long-term economy that CD's fail to provide.

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Memory Cards Are Being Increasingly Replaced By The Use Of Usb Memory Sticks By Domestic Users.
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