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 Lg Xnote R400e.cd4a2

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PostSubject: Lg Xnote R400e.cd4a2   Lg Xnote R400e.cd4a2 I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 09, 2011 5:40 pm

Sneak Peek

Let LG XNote R400E.CD4A2 laptop introduce to the wonderful world of digital technology. Let LG XNote R400E.CD4A2 laptop is a very good performer.


The professional looks of LG XNote R400E.CD4A2 laptop will surely impress you the most. The sleekness of this laptop adds to its shine. The weight of LG XNote R400E.CD4A2 laptop is 2.35 kg. It is very portable to carry around with you anywhere you like. The height of LG XNote R400E.CD4A2 laptop is 33.8 mm and the width is 335 mm. the depth measures to 236.5 mm.

Key Features

The hard disk is a good 80 GB strong one in Zenith Presidio (Dual Core) laptop. 512MB RAM supports this hard disk. The good thing is that you can also upgrade the RAM as per your requirements. You can upgrade it to 2048 MB. Intel Pentium Dual Core T2080 processor is one of the best processors in the market today. A processor's job is to store all the data that is frequently used by the laptop.

So instead of referring to CPU every time, the processor itself retrieves the data for you. Intel Pentium Dual Core T2080 processor in LG XNote R400E.CD4A2 laptop has cache memory of 1024 KB with speed of 1730 MHz.

The maximum resolution of 14.1 display screen of LG XNote R400E.CD4A2 laptop is 1280 x 800 dpi. The touchpad mouse is extremely soft to you. The tips of your fingers will simply slide. Same goes for the buttons. They feather touch soft. So there is no need to exert pressure on buttons of LG Laptops.

Core Information

Sound card is integrated in LG XNote R400E.CD4A2 laptop and Speakers are also included. The speakers are of high quality and music has good sound and clarity. You get 3 USB ports and an integrated Bluetooth connection.


LG XNote R400E.CD4A2 laptop an excellent choice for those who are on the move always

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Lg Xnote R400e.cd4a2
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