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 Asus 1015 Pem-pu17 Net Book An excellent Mini Computer For Multitasking Acts.

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PostSubject: Asus 1015 Pem-pu17 Net Book An excellent Mini Computer For Multitasking Acts.   Wed Oct 19, 2011 2:53 pm

Overview: asus 1015pem-pu17 netbook is actually a nice mini computer regarding doing multitasking deeds. There are a long battery life and also a dual core Atom processor. It has a hard disc drive with high data memory space capacity. EEE PC 1015-PU17 has got dual core Atom N550 PC processor. This version is actually a perfect modification over Atom N455 variant. It is a 12 centimeter handy laptop. It has more professional visual and audio job application features. Broadcom HD accelerators, Nvidia Ion graphics along with HD screen ensure high-quality visual display to customers. Advanced power management model of Asus1015 avoids difficulties on battery system.

Outer description: 1015 PEM contains a sleek and perfectly intended exterior profile. Its person is a bit thicker with the back. Its entire body exhibits a curved design by using a smooth matte touch, to the back lid. This portable PC also comes in color shades of pink, white, black and orange. Machines with red shade display a reasonable coppery brown hue. The spine lid of this computing device is thick and provide a solid look with it. The keyboard of this computing device provides a chiclet design. Keys happen to be soft, highly responsive along with ensure pleasant typing working experience. The keyboard of eee pc 1015pem-pu17 is supplemented with a variable touch track pad and even smooth matte lid. A small plastic link for power on can be viewed on top right for the keyboard. Buttons for Wi Fi and quick start can certainly be seen on left about power on button.

Alternative applications and features: Asus PC 1015 is practical. It is good to shop for for those users which have a weak financial spending budget. Yet it commands an array of features and useful products in its interface. There are a long battery living of 13 hours. Such a long run time is a fantastic boon for those customers who remain mostly within outdoor locations, during on a daily basis work. It also insures extra cash savings with a free installing of Windows 7 in its 32 bit operating-system. Image resolution of screen is 1024 x one thousand pixels. This insures increased picture clarity while browsing static and live multimedia images. Sata Series harddisk of this machine carries a storage capacity of a couple of GB. A 0. 3 pixel webcam is undoubtedly an additional attraction in the mini PC notebook. Asus 1015 PEM-PU17 net book is likewise loaded with 3. 0 pink tooth. The exterior figure of EEE PC 1015-PU17 is certainly 10. 1 inches. It displays a reasonable matte finish with DIRECTED display feature.
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Asus 1015 Pem-pu17 Net Book An excellent Mini Computer For Multitasking Acts.
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