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 Examination The Asus 1005hab Eee Desktop Netbook.

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Examination The Asus 1005hab Eee Desktop Netbook. Empty
PostSubject: Examination The Asus 1005hab Eee Desktop Netbook.   Examination The Asus 1005hab Eee Desktop Netbook. I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 19, 2011 2:53 pm

This article was developed while using recent purchase of a Asus Eee PC 1005HAB Netbook. I've had quite a handful of laptop computers, but never had a netbook prior to when. This is my very first netbook now and I absolutely enjoy having it. This Asus netbook is really powerful in my honest opinion and will be offering really great features. Netbooks have been around for a while now and have been heavily discussed all round the web. Some netbooks come with the help of Linux as their managing, but about 90% either are loaded with Windows XP or Glass windows Vista as their main os in this handset. The one bought to do this review came with Or windows 7 and I am really considering Windows 7 for it immediately after it becomes available.

Things I adore about the Asus Netbook are definitely the weight and the screen/display. My last norebook I bought is with regards to 3. 5 years old and I am amazed how the demonstrate technology has evolved in that time. The Asus netbook display is featuring a solid resolution and content shown on the screen is from across the room in your home. While traveling I used the built-in Sd card reader of the Asus to upload my pictures from camera. I then used Google Picasa to work on my pictures and I was partially impressed how great the pictures would look like on the small display. The Asus netbook had quite a lot of horse power to modify the pictures to mend colors, rotation, and more without freezing up or slowing down.

However, the one thing Now i'm not so impressed with certainly is the battery life of this netbook. I do not know if it is Windows XP or this Wi-Fi connection, but everybody the factory battery is only good for maybe 2-3 working hours. The battery power level shown by Windows xp is making big jumps down and therefore happens really quickly. The netbook has different power settings which means you adjust settings for when working on battery, but even with more battery-efficient setting the power ran out after around 3 hours much longer than that. As a matter from fact, even though the display brightness dims down when running on power supply, the Asus Netbook still uses a considerable amount of energy that drains this battery. So, my conclusion is of which to bypass this problem you'll want to consider buying a substitute battery. The 1005HAB is all the "Best Buy" version for this popular netbook with some minor downgrades as opposed to real 1005HA. You can either get the battery from another Asus 1005HA or replace the existing one with an recognized replacement battery for longer battery pack.

My personal conclusion about this little portable computer: Great netbook with plenty of horse power (memory and CPU) as it were. I love the small weight and what Allow me to do with this Asus 1005HAB minilaptop. The 160 GB computer provides decent speed and plenty of space. I am a little disappointed about the battery pack life though. Would I buy it again considerably more than simply have the choice? Absolutely, I would go to do this netbook computer again.
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Examination The Asus 1005hab Eee Desktop Netbook.
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