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 Sony Ericsson C902 Mobile phone.

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PostSubject: Sony Ericsson C902 Mobile phone.   Sat Oct 08, 2011 8:18 pm

Sony Ericsson C902 is just the right phone for those who adore to chat for long while even when on the run. It is enabled with a 3G HSDPA high speed internet connection. Hence, you can access the internet anytime you like. It offers a connection speed of up to 3. 6 Mbit. With the all new Sony Ericsson C902, you can browse the internet even when you are on call with an end one. None of these features interrupts the other. Apart from that, you also get to customize your internet browsing on the phone the way it has a feature wherein you can actually choose the news or information that you want to know and obtain it delivered on your mobile itself!

Key Features
Sony Ericsson C902 is enabled with advanced technologies. Since it comes in the Cyber shot family, it has an excellent in crafted camera that delivers amazing picture quality. What is more alluring is it has some really amazing is that it has almost all the features that you choose to would find in any dslr camera. Sony Ericsson C902 has a 5 megapixels camera with a 16x digital zoom. So, no matter where you are, you can click images even from a distance. It is enabled with other features prefer image stabilizer, red eye reduction, photo flash, photo fix and video gentle, video record and video stabilizer. Apart from this particular, it has a different feature called picture blogs. This features lets you click a snap and send it straight to a blog.

Sony Ericsson C902 has dimensions of 108. 0 x 49. 0 x 10. 5 mm (LxWxD). It is a slim mobile that comes in a bar form. It weighs 107 grams. It is a bit heavy in it section, otherwise the phone is a winner. When supporting the UMTS 2100 and a good HSDPA network, it offers a talk time of 4 hours along with a standby time of 360 hrs. On the other present, when assisting a GSM 900, 1800, 1900 or EDGE network, this phone enables a talk time for 9 hours. Sony C902 offers a standby time of 380 hours. So, now you can talk for hours together with your friends and yet your mobile wonꊰ resign yourself. Sony Ericsson C902 is to be operated with the convenient navigation key which makes it simpler to operate. It also has Picture wallpaper that acts as a background when the cell is on standby function. It is enabled using the Auto rotate option where you can switch from the vertical into the horizontal mode by rotating the phone so that you can use the phone how you like.

Stay Connected
Sony Ericsson C902 offers you special features like cellular connectivity. Equipped with a good Infrared port, it allows you to transfer data like archives, music and videos without the trouble of the cabling. Apart from this, it also has a Bluetooth internet connection. It is also enabled with a Modem that lets you can get connected to the world wide web at any point together with time. Along with it, Sony Ericsson C902 has a USB device and COMPUTER sync. So, you can transfer data from your PC to your cell phone and vice versa.

Entertainment Features
Sony Ericsson C902 is enabled with a whole lot of entertainment features. It is equipped with a media player that gives you access to all of your favorite numbers. To increase this, when you watch, the media player ensures that their quality is fantastic. For excellent quality basal sounds. It has an bodily memory of 160 MB. You may also listen to your favorite songs on the radio.
With Sony Ericsson C902, you can enjoy new games and pass your time in the most exciting manner. It is designed with 3D games. Apart from this, it also supports ESPRESSO. Hence, you can download as many games as you including.

Sony Ericsson C902 is an excellent mobile phone for song lovers and amateur photographers too.
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Sony Ericsson C902 Mobile phone.
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