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 Sony Ericsson C702- A stunning Handset With Advanced Know-how.

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PostSubject: Sony Ericsson C702- A stunning Handset With Advanced Know-how.   Sat Oct 08, 2011 8:18 pm

This handset is a 3G mobile which is famous to its sound quality. Sony Ericsson C702 is one of the best handsets in your Sony Ericsson family. This handset has a built-in Cyber-Shot camera which allows the user to work with a high quality 3. 2MP (mega pixels) digital camera feature coming with the option of auto focus; which also helps the user to click their photos which includes a clear and focused picture each time the user takes an attempt. This handset is packed with 2 x digital zoom during which the user can get into action close and personal thus to their subject. This handset has the face focusing feature that will focus on a face when it is detected in the video camera viewfinder. It has a photo fix feature which allows you to adjust the differentiation and light brightness after the picture has been regarded.

This handset comes with a Geo picture tagging feature which helps anyone to tag a photo with specifics of where the subject is if your photo is taken. With this system anyone can send and receive a photo when it is taken to a website which helps the user to share with you their photo and pictures in relation to their friends and relatives. This handset is uploaded with the video recording and movie streaming feature which helps you to record their moving about footage and picture. Later on the user can participate in back their footage as well as video so refresh themselves to rewind the memory.

Sony Ericsson C702 has popular messaging service which helps the user to type freely any part of their In box. This handset is packed with latest features such while SMS (text messaging), MMS (multimedia messaging), SMS Long, Email, Predictive Text Input, Sound Recorder. SMS long feature helps the user to write a long message into their text message, because it is the best option in this handset so your user can express their selves.

Sony Ericsson C702 is one of the best handsets which is popular for its sound quality. This handset is packed with media player which helps you to maintain a record of their total favourite songs so that when they are free they might enjoy with their new music album. This handset is filled with a PlayNow music which helps the user to download their music from Internet as fast as possible. Users can enjoy your MegaBass feature which helps you to listen their beats with bass sound that's the famous feature of your handset. It has TrackID favorite songs recognition feature which helps the user to find out the name of the song they will wants to listen on the handset. This handset is filled with the RDS function and FM stereo radio by which the user can have themselves update like they might listen news and sports update which is one of the popular news for you. Playnow feature helps you to connect them from Internet so that they can easily download games or latest music on their handset or from different device.

This widget has standard battery which helps you to work for a long period. It has rechargeable battery pack which when fully costed gives seven hours have a discussion time and it can stand up to three hundred hours. Sony Ericsson mobile phones are packed with advanced connectivity technology which helps anyone to connect them easily to anybody in the country. If you are looking for more info then Internet has become the best options which can help you to get the critical for your question. Its built in Access NetFront Internet web browser and Wap 2. 0 XHTML help the user to get the complete information regarding his or her work. Its built in BORDER and HSDPA technology which gives the multitasking feature and even high speed transfer records. These two features help you to transfer their data from one device to another piece of equipment easily. This Sony Ericsson C702 includes USB port feature as well as Bluetooth feature which helps the user to connect them up to 10 meters apart.. This is a 3G mobile phone which is included with 150MB (megabytes) that may be expanded into the internal memory by adding MicroM2 memory stick.
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Sony Ericsson C702- A stunning Handset With Advanced Know-how.
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